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Professional coachbuilder specialised in heavy machineryanunț neverificat

28 octombrie 2019
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My name is Adrian Pancu and i'm a professional coachbuilder specialised in heavy machinery such as (Trucks,Busses,Trains,Military Vehicles and Armored Vehicles for Special use)

This July i've visited your country, and i fell in love with it! So i decided to change my life for the better.

Right now i am looking for a long lasting job as a coachbuilder.

I have a very rich CV and i can present some photos of my latest work.

I'd really like to collaborate with you since right now i am working with a similar company like yours:

Trentino Trasporti S.p.a

I acknowledge that this isn't the right procedure for finding a job. I hope you can understand.

If your disposed in knowing more about me i'd be my pleasure!

I will send under here some photos of my most significant work.

English, i can understand it but can't speak it, that's my problem.

I am open and very determined in learning both english and dutch. (Or any necessary language )


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