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4 aprilie 2019
Viz. 199
ID: 98206
Conținut Anunț:

We are launching a new project in Belgium in IT sector.
Therefore, we are searching for the following IT candidates:

(Agile) C Developer
Docker Specialist 
Toolsmith Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
Software designer with an affinity for mathematics
Embedded Applications Software Engineer
Consultant Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
Architect Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
AADL Technical specialist
Designer Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
We focus on medior/senior candidates the details for each candidate are of big influence on the offer. For example:

- Worked for international companies
- quality of english / french
- exact amount of years experience per develop language
- exact amount of managing experience
- experience in advise board members
- bachelor/ master
- further CV details

Free Accomodation-in apartements
The salary varies, depending on education and experience(between 2000-7000 euro/month)
For further details contact us:
or via email: [email protected]


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